We designed Merchandise to market our Game. We thought of printing our logo and Josephine on typical kitchen and shopping equipment!

The Story

While Josephine is sleeping, she dreams of her biggest love, the magic moments they've experienced, and the adventures they have been on together. After that, Josephine wakes up in her bed..with a jumping heart. He was a cook and created the best meals she ever tried. As a young teenage-couple they had the most amazing... Weiterlesen →

Level Design

The level design of our game is kept in a colourful papercut style. Each level shows characteristic landscapes, sights and other objects like trees or animals. In each country, granny Josephine wears clothes that match the culture that she's currently visiting. As Josephine is from Graz, she starts her journey there - and so does... Weiterlesen →

Character Visualization

Granny Josephine, our main character, was designed in paper cut style. We wanted to achieve a combination of funny and cute - that's why we decided to go with bright colours and a simple geometric look. The cat we placed on her back is an additional fun factor. Her appearence is always matched to the... Weiterlesen →

Market Analysis

We made a market analysis, to find out about which games are on the market already and how similar they are to Josephines Adventure. Jump and Run      Super Granny Super Granny is a popular game produced by Sandlot Games and came out first in June 2004. Since then six new versions have been... Weiterlesen →

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